Photo by Francesco Coia
I’m a sound engineer and music producer from Italy with over 10 years of experience in the field of sound recording, mixing and mastering.
My love for music started at an early age, listening to my dad’s vinyl records, and soon enough I started fiddling with musical instruments.

After my music degree in 2009 I moved to Berlin where I had my first experiences in recording music with my bands in real professional studios, an environment which I instantly becamed enamored with, hence, I decided that producing and recording music was what I was cut to do.

During the following years I had the chance to learn from excellent sound engineers, including Francesco Donadello at his beautiful studio, Vox-Ton, where I assisted him in recording and mixing music for very high-profile customers and later on I had the opportunity to conduct sessions as a chief engineer, experimenting with the analog medium used as creative tool and perfecting my microphone technique.

In 2016 I moved back to Italy where I’m currently working and collaborating with many very talented music artists.

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Torino, IT